Emotional Intelligence

Article by Eldin Hasa

From the founders of Formula EQ Academy - FormulaEQ.com

As much as 89% of adult “success” comes from EQ

Comparing the three domains, we found that for jobs of all kinds, emotional intelligence were twice as prevalent among distinguishing competencies as were technical skills and purely cognitive abilities combined. In general the higher a position in an organisation, the more Emotional Intelligence mattered: for individuals in leadership positions, 85 percent of their competencies were in the Emotional Intelligence domain.

Emotional intelligence is the key to improving your personal effectiveness. It’s the foundation for dealing with impulses, dealing with stress,

and responding versus reacting.

We are putting ourselves in dangerous situations when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we think, behave, and feel.

75 percent of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies, (Emotional Intelligence) including inability to handle interpersonal problems; unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict; or inability to adapt to change or elicit trust.

If your emotional abilities aren't in hand, if you don't have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can't have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.

Life if is a C between B & D. Life if is a sum of Choices we make between birth and death. Between B & D we have a C. What choices we make will determine everything in our life, including our health.

How you think, how you behave, and how you feel creates your personality,

and your personality creates your personal reality called your life.

And if you want to create a different life, you literarily have to become different personality, become someone else.

More and more people are beginning to figure things out (how limitless they truly are) as they do the work in our workshops.

You will learn how to get very clear on your vision of the future and learn to combine that clear intention with an elevated emotion, so you can become a generator of perfect health, wealth, new relationship, joy, happiness, and everything that you desire easily and quickly.

Your brain is organised to reflect everything you know in your life. And your brain is a reflection of your external environment, of all the things you've learnt, and experienced.

The feelings and emotions are the end product of past experiences and if you're feeling the same way every single day it means two things:

1.) Nothing new is happening in your life and if those emotions are driving certain thoughts and those thoughts and are creating the same emotions then you're thinking equal to your emotional state.

2.) It means you're thinking in the past, and if you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny, as long as you're thinking equal to your familiar emotions, you keep reaffirming the same past experiences in your life over and over again, and you are literarily reliving your past in the present moment, and projecting it into the future, but secretly desiring to create a new life, noting much will change and your life and your circumstances will remain the same.

The team at FormulaEQ.com lead by by Eldin Hasa & Preston Weekes are experts on Change, Neuroscience, Positive Transformation and Peak Performance.

There are two primary questions people often ask abut change:

  1. Number one: How do you do it?
  2. Number two: If your personality creates your personal reality, and I have to change my personality to create new personal reality, why the hell is it so hard to change?

These are two great questions.

We have been teaching workshops, and teaching people how to change, and providing them with the tools so they can sustain the change even after the events.

Science has witnessed and measured common people doing uncommon things. Measured people doing the miraculous of healing themselves of diseases; stage four cancer, healing from MS and other serious conditions, manifesting enormous wealth, finding true love and new romantic partners ,and creating amazing lives for themselves.

You don't have to be a Buddhist Monk, you don't have to be a nun with 40 years of devotion, you don't have to be an academic, you don't have to be a scholar, it's time that common people can create uncommon by using the relatively new technologies and following the formula that we teach. You don't have to be privileged to do the uncommon.

Think about the Placebo effect:

How can you give somebody a sugar pill or a salt injection, and a certain percentage of those people will accept believe and surrender to the fact that they're getting the real substance? And without any analysis, they begin to program their autonomic nervous system to make their own pharmacy of chemicals that matches the exact same chemical they think they're taking and they heal.

Is it the ingested substances that does the healing or is it the body's innate ability to heal?

So the question is; do you need something else outside of you to change you? Or if you understand how the placebo works, can you teach people to do it? But instead of putting their belief in something else outside of them, put their belief in something inside of them? Or possibility in the unknown, and have them revisit that unknown until they make it known.

Because if 81% of people who have the depression heal by taking the sugar pills. And if 81% of people in the depression study are healed by a placebo, it means that they're making their own pharmacy of antidepressants and they don't need anything to do, it is innate in them.

The team at FormulaEQ Academy have tremendous passion about transformation but not only with elite individuals, but also with common people, and if you keep telling yourself that you need a flu shot because there're bugs with your name out there, that are looking for you, and if you don't get the flu shot you're going to get sick that's the "Nocebo" (opposite of Placebo) then when you don't get it, you'll get sick, and then you think that you need a pharmaceutical, or something outside of you, thats called programming from the Nocebo effect. You create your undesirable reality by the way you think, feel and behave.

And you have been programmed and conditioned most of your life to think and believe that you are limited. But when people break out of that illusion, and they begin to take their power back, they're no longer controllable.

And now we are witnessing people who are believing in themselves, and their innate powers more than anything else, and that's where we're going as a community in this world.

We teach people how to use vital information about creating a future, and be defined by a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past. Because if you are not defined by some vision that is bigger than you, and you are not passionate about that vision, then you're left with the old hardware and old outdated prbrainogramming, and limiting beliefs of the past in your brain, and you will be predictable in your life.

So would you agree then that: The new thoughts, new information, should lead to new choices. New choices should lead to new behaviours, and new behaviours should create new experiences, and new experiences should produce new emotions, and those new emotions should drive new thoughts, and that's called evolution.

So if your brain is a record of the past (and it is), an artefact, a memory bank of old thoughts, beliefs and feelings connected to some past events, people, experiences and you don't have a vision of the future, then you are living in the past, and you will never arrive at that new future.

So now you are the end product of past experiences, and you can remember experiences better because you can remember how they feel, and when you're in the midst of an experience all of your senses plug you into the environment.

And as you're gathering this vital data from your external world, information rushes back to your brain, and it causes the jungles of neurones to organise themselves into networks, the moment it does, the brain makes a chemical, and that chemical is called a feeling or an emotion.

And once you feel that emotion you create a long-term memory.

If feelings and emotions are the end product of past experiences and you are feeling the same way every single day, doesn't that mean nothing new is happening in your life, and if those feelings and emotions drive certain thoughts, and you can't think greater than how you feel because you had events in your life that have branded you emotionally. You feel sadness, or guilt, or shame, or unworthiness, or insecurity, and all of those emotions are created from the past experiences.

And when you feel those emotions, and those emotions drive certain thoughts, and then those thoughts make certain chemicals for you to feel the same emotion, and those emotions drive the repetition of that cycle that conditions the body to memorise that emotional state better than mind.

And now your body literally is in the past. Because if you can't think greater than how you feel, then you are thinking in the past.

Our feelings and emotions are the end product of past experiences.

So you remember your first kiss, you remember your wedding, you remember the birth of your children, you remember catching a big fish off the coast of Mauritius with your three best friends. Because you never caught the fish, and it was a new experience and you felt great and then you went home and cooked the mahi-mahi, drunk nice Sauvignon Blanc and the wind was blowing of the sea, and the sun was setting, and you made a long-term memory.

But we also have memories that are connected to Trauma and Crisis, the disappointments, and those are the memories that people remember more than anything else.

So if you haven't overcome some emotions that keeps you anchored to the past, then you tell the story about the past all the time, and experience these negative and painful emotions in your body in the present moment.

And people say; I am this way because of this experience that happened to me 15 years ago, I am this way because of some event that happened 30 years ago. And from a biological perspective it means; I haven't been able to change in the last 15 or 30 years.

Scientific American, the very Prestigious Magazine says that 50% of what you talk about your past isn't even the truth, you make it up, because you don't have the same brain that you did 15 years ago 30 years ago.

So then your brain and body are typically in the past, because thoughts are the language (vocabulary) of the brain and feelings are the language (vocabulary) of the body, and how you think and how you feel creates your state of being.

If you think insecure thoughts, in a matter of seconds you're going to feel insecure, and the moment you feel insecure your brain is monitoring how you're feeling, and you think more insecure thoughts which then makes you feel more insecure, and the repetition of that cycle conditions the body to become the mind of insecurity. And then the person says 'I am insecure', and whenever you say 'I am' anything you are now embodying into a destiny.

So then people can choose to change and wait for crisis, trauma, disease, diagnosis, something has to go wrong in their life were they feel so uncomfortable that they finally make up their mind to change.

Why is that? Because after the trauma or the crisis, they don't feel like themselves, and the moment they don't feel like themselves they could actually observe themselves, because they are looking at themselves through the eyes of someone else.

But our message is; why wait? You can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering, or you can learn and change in a state of Joy and Inspiration.

The choice is yours.

So then if your brain is a record of the past, and you are living by the same emotions that have defined you for the last 15 years and you keep thinking the same thoughts that make the same chemicals, and those same chemicals drive the same emotions then your body as the unconscious mind, does not know the difference between an actual experience in your life that creates an emotion and an emotion that you're creating by thought alone. And so your body is believing it's in the same past experience 24-hours 7-days 365 days a year. Then your body is programmed into the past, and you can't create a new future holding onto the emotions of the past.

When you react to someone or something in your life, if you have a choice, that one event changes how you feel. There's a chemical change that's taking place in your body, and most people don't think they can control their emotional reactions.

So then when you react to some coworkers some relative (your mother in law) or somebody in traffic, and the moment you react emotionally, you are altered chemically.

MOOD: And if you don't know how to control your emotional reaction after that event , and you allow those emotions to linger for hours , days, that's called the mood. What's wrong with you? I'm in a mood! Really? Why are you in the mood? Well this thing happened to me four days ago and I'm having one long emotional reaction.

TEMPERAMENT: And if you keep that same refractory period for weeks or months; that's called the temperament. Hey why is she so angry? I don't know! Why are you so angry, why are you so bitter? Because I had this experience seven months ago and I'm memorising my emotional reaction.

PERSONALITY TRAIT: And if you keep that same refractory period going on for years on end, that's called the personality trait.

People wear their emotions on their sleeve, and that's who they think they are, and they will talk about the past to validate why they're not creating the life that they want.

So then if you wake up in the morning, you think about your problems, and you're not being defined by a vision of the future that's bigger than your current circumstances, and it doesn't get you out of bed, doesn't inspire you into possibility, and you get up living on the old hardware and software of the past, in the old emotions stored in your body.

Do you know what's going to happen to you?

You're going to wake up, and you're going to open your eyes, and you're going think about your problems, see the same people, and go to the same places, and do the exact same thing at the exact same time, and you are easily influenced by your external environment thats turning on the same circuits in your brain, causing you to think equal to everything that you know, don't expect much will change or improve in your life.

And if you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny, and as long as you're thinking equal to your environment, you'll keep creating the same life over and over again.

To change!

To truly change, is to think greater than your environment, to think greater than the circumstances in your life, to think greater than the conditions in your world.

And every great person in history knew this. Whether is Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King the Wright brothers, Joan of Arc, they all had a vision. Couldn't see it, couldn't smell it, couldn't taste it, couldn't feel it, but it was alive in their mind and heart!

It was so alive in their mind that the brain and body was living as if that future reality was happening in the present moment.

So here's my question; can you believe in a future that you can't see or experience with your senses yet, but you thought about it enough times in your mind that your brain is literally changed to look like the event has already occurred?

Latest research in Neuroscience says; you can change your brain from living in the past to living in the future.

And can you fall in love with that vision of the future to such a degree that you come out of your resting state, and change guilt or suffering into inspiration and joy and gratitude, to such a degree that your body as the unconscious mind does not know the difference between that external event and what you're creating internally. So that your body believes it's living in the future, in the present moment, and you begin to think and feel in new ways to change your body, to look like the event has already occurred.

The latest research in Epigenetic's says; you can change your brain and body by thought alone, and you can upregulate your Genes and your DNA by thought alone to heal yourself.

If there's physical evidence in your brain and body to look like the event has already occurred your brain and body are no longer living in the past, they're living in the future, and you will walk right into your vision of the perfect future. This is inevitability.

So if you are willing to invest in yourself, take a risk in unlimited possibilities, stepping into the unknown, being defined by a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past, you will walk right into your future.

And as a side effect, you will begin to have confidence, elevated self-love, joy, love for life, internal happiness for no apparent reason, and you'll begin to see synchronicities, serendipities, happy coincidences, and new opportunities come to you life.

Message from

Eldin Hasa

Cofounder of Formula EQ Academy

Having studied Neuroscience for over 30 years and having expertise in Emotional Resilience and Peak Performance; unless we do the deep internal work to address the root cause of our fears, traumas, anger, worry, resentment, guilt, shame, lack of self esteem, lack of self love, and unworthiness we will not be able to heal and build mental or emotional resilience. Anything that we do which is classed as a form of escapism, entertainment, or quick fix, such as watching horror movies, alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, only deals with symptoms and will not produced satisfactory sustainable results. If we practice Emotional Resilience, shortening the refractory period of our emotions, and staying in our heart, it stands to reason that we are going to strengthen our inner environment and be healthier, happier and more in balance.

Let the Formula EQ Academy be your

success partner.

Achieve success in every area of your life.



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